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Overdrive Synth

Overdrive Synth is a hybrid synth app made by playing synths through overdrive pedals.


What does a synthesizer sound like through an overdrive pedal? To answer this great mystery, I visited NightSound Studio to re-amp a plethora of synth tones through various classic guitar pedals. The results are now available for your ears in Overdrive Synth!

The app comes with 10 default instruments, and If you like the starting sounds, unlock the full version (+100 instruments) and become a crunch synth turbo-powered master! I'm also EXTREMELY excited to bring you the full video development story on how this app was made! If you're curious to see what all went into making this app including the recording process, check out the video above! Special thanks to Nightsound Studios where the samples were recorded, AudioKit for providing the tools to build this app, the amazing open source synth community, and you for supporting indie developers.


• Vintage Synths Re-amped Through Guitar Pedals
• 3 Keyboard Layouts (Piano, Guitar & Scaled)
• AUv3 & MIDI Support
• Professionally Recorded Samples
• 10 Instruments (+100 more with IAP)
• Proudly Built With AudioKit

Game Facts

Moby Pixel
Based in Chapel Hill, NC

Release Date:
October 2022

iPhone & iPad Devices


Free with optional IAP

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About Moby Pixel

Moby Pixel is a mobile app development studio by Nick Culbertson in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The journey began in 2010 when I got the iPad 1. At the time, the App Store was pretty sparse. I kept searching for apps that didn't exist—so I decided to start making them! Over the years, my catalog has continued to grow with new ideas while maintaining and updating over 160 apps.

Originally, I operated under the names Mad Calf Apps and MyIndieApp. Moby Pixel was formed in an effort to refocus my mission to produce aesthetically engaging, one-of-a-kind mobile experiences that open a gateway to epic nostalgia! Thanks for joining me on this journey.

- Nick Culbertson

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