What I’m doing now

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2020 - R.U.M.Y.

This year my work focus is to release Radio Favorites, Update all my apps, release new Music, & release new content on Youtube.

Jam Loops

I've been recording some backing track jam loops for guitars to solo over. They are still a work in progress, but here is a sampling. After these are polished I want to publish them using DistroKid to all the platforms.

Groovy 2 Chord Jam - G 100 BPM
Chill Jam - Dm 95 BPM
Rockin’ Blues - E 130 BPM
Jazzy Swing Blues - A 110 BPM
Smooth Blues - Am 90 BPM
Texas Swing Blues - B 120 BPM
Funky Style Blues - G 95 BPM
Country Train Beat Blues - E 120 BPM
Slow Blues - G 74 BPM
Country Highway Blues - G 95 BPM
Vintage Blues - E 110 BPM
Texas Straight Blues - D 108 BPM
1 Chord Jam - B 118 BPM
Southern Rock Blues - A 112 BPM
Sparse Blues song - Dm 114 BPM
Country Roots 2 Chord jam - E 102 BPM
Texas Honky Tonk - E 126 BPM
Classic Blues - G 98 BPM
Sound Check Jam - 106 BPM
Country Rambler - D 100 BPM


Like most the world, we're stuck at home taking things a day at a time right now. I find my most productive days are the ones where I stay off of the news and social media entirely.

Launched a New App

It is done... at least the initial release that is. Radio Favorites, a new All-In-One radio streaming app, was just launched on iOS and Android. It feels great to have it out in the world, and I think the users will really enjoy the new features.

Comic Books

Recently, I've been looking through my old comics. As a kid, going to the comic book store, I spent most of my time digging through the quarter comic boxes. You had the good stuff on the top shelf, and the cheap stuff down by your feet. Usually there were a whole bunch of junk titles, but mixed in you’d find a lot of Thor, Daredevil, Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk. I'll probably be making a YouTube video all about this in the near future so I'll keep you posted. Regardless, it has been fun sorting through these relics of the 90s.

App Updates

This is what I'll most likely be working on for the next few weeks. Apps are never truly done. They can require updates anytime a new screen comes out or some new OS rule is being enforced. So I'm putting on my update hat while binge watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Nick Culbertson

Last updated June 4th, 2020